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Argan Oil
100% Pure Moroccan Organic Argan Oil
Benefits & uses:
Ingredient: 100% Authentic Organic Argania spenosa.
Extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. Additive-free.
Skin Moisturizer
Protection and Healing for skin, hair and nail.
Eczema & Psoriasis
Lip Moisturizer
Proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier, Tame frizz and give hair shine
Foot, Hand and Nail Treatment
Prickly Pear Seed Oil
• Anti-wrinkle.
• Reduces redness (rosacea).
• Soothes sunburn.
• Heals scars.
• Firming product, procures a smoothing effect, is an excellent tensor, closes the skin’s pores, tones and firms the skin of the face and breasts.
• Moisturizes and nourishes, softens and smoothens the skin in depth.

• It’s easily absorbed, penetrating below the surface of the skin with ease for maximum benefits without leaving any oily residue behind – a key feature for reticent beauty oil users.
• calms inflammation.
• Supports skin repair after trauma and provides protection from environmental stress.
• Excellent for mature skin, it helps address signs of ageing including hyperpigmentation.
• high fatty acid content plumps skin to help smooth wrinkles and increase firmness.

• Not only useful on the skin, barbary fig seed oil is also highly beneficial to dry hair and scalp, soothing irritation and boosting shine.
• An ideal option for intense, skin hydration, barbary fig seed oil is beneficial to all skin types.
Black Soap
Moroccan Black Soap
The soap "Beldi" is a 100% natural plant product. Based on an olive oil pulp this soap is extremely rich in vitamin E and is a great emollient, exfoliator and moisturizer. It cleanses the skin by removing dead cells and toxins leaving the skin soft and silky to the touch. Thanks to this high content of vitamin E, it helps to revitalize the skin, acting against dryness, dehydration and aging skin. This soap lathers modestly and you will love the richness of its texture. The soap is suitable for all skin types and particularly enjoyable for dry and mature skin.
Moroccan Clay - Face Mask -
Moroccan Lava Clay / Ghassoul / Rhassoul
Facial Mask - Organic Formula - (200g)
Moroccan Ghassoul Clay 100% Natural & Organic (200g) Found in the ancient lake beds of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Ghassoul clay is rich in silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium making it especially good for hair, skin and nails. The molecular structure of Ghassoul clay gives it a unique ability to absorb excess dirt and oil, as well as extract impurities from the skin. On top of that we add a wise amountand combination of lavender, cedar and rosemary cineol essential oils for an excellent beauty and healing properties to the skin, face, body and hair.
Moroccan Beldi Black Soap
Natural Clay Mask
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